Thursday, January 1, 2009


We went over to Robert & Rachel's home last night, where they had a party for about ten of their friends.  They asked everyone to bring a dish to pass, and about an hour before we went, I found this recipe for Sugar & Spice Candied Nuts.  I had all the ingredients on hand and just a bit of time, so I started making a batch, thinking they'd be perfect.  Well, I got to the point where I was measuring in the spices, and in went the cinnamon.  And then I stopped.  And groaned.  You see, our friend Rachel is VERY ALLERGIC to cinnamon!  I couldn't bring these into their house!  As the cinnamon was already mixed in, I went ahead and finished the batch.  And they are terrific!  We will definitely be enjoying these for a few days!  Nice and crunchy, salty-sweet, and honestly, pretty healthy.  I ended up slicing some Cranberry Orange Shortbread cookies I had ready in the freezer, and brought those instead.  It was a fun night of visiting with friends, eating, and playing games.  Happy New Year!

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