Thursday, January 29, 2009

What goes on in our house

I thought I would share a story to explain what happens in our house. On Wednesday, Julie and I had pretty bad days. It started on Monday, when the furnace broke at our house, and we thought we were going to have to bring in a repair man. Luckily, I was able to fix it (fingers crossed). On Wednesday, Julie was using the treadmill and managed to statically shock the main control board, rendering it broken. Also on Wednesday our bank called and reported a fraudulent charge, so we are currently without debit cards.

In the midst of all this, Julie and I were a little "short" with each other, and Trav, sensing the tension in the house, decided to try to remedy the situation. In his words: "Party mustaches make everything better"


Jenn King said...

That's a good look for you Trav! Thanks for the laughs tonight. We needed the distraction.

Paul R said...

Sooo, where does one find party mustaches on short notice? Oh, you just happened to have a box handy? That's so awesome :)

Angie said...

I always wondered what went on in your house. This explains a lot.