Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whole Wheat Bread with Hazelnuts and Currants

I was pretty bored last night, and as I was flipping through my bread book deciding what to make, I kept going right by the good (but boring sounding) "Country Bread" and landed at the "Whole Wheat Bread with Hazelnuts and Currants."  Yep, that sounded quite a bit more interesting than country bread!  And as I had both hazelnuts and currants on hand, I decided to go with it.  I mixed up the pre-ferment last night, and then this morning mixed and kneaded the final dough.  In a day marred by multiple malcontent moments, this bread is a bright spot.  The baking bread smelled incredible, and the final loaf tasted even better than I would have guessed.  No single flavor overwhelms the loaf, but the mixture of whole wheat flour, the tiny Zante currants, and the coarsely chopped, toasted hazelnuts blend beautifully.  Definitely not a boring bread, and perfect with a schmear of peanut butter. 

Quote of the day: 
"Anything with peanut butter is food filled with Jesus."  --E.M.

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