Monday, January 5, 2009

New Recipe Onslaught

After several weeks of working at organizing my recipe "pile" I am finally done.  I've long had a stack on my desk where I just throw recipes that I have cut out of magazines, printed off the internet, or gotten from friends or family.  It isn't much of a surprise that most of those recipes, that I thought looked or sounded great at one time, quickly got buried by the newest additions rather than make it to the kitchen in order to be tried.  In the organizational process I have used over 400 clear plastic sheet protectors, 5 big binders, and several packages of page dividers.  But finally, these recipes, mostly forgotten, will now have their moment.  Or at least, a better chance of getting their moment!
First up, is Fettuccine with Butternut and Gorgonzola Sauce, from the November 2006 issue of Cooking Light (I told you that pile has been forming for a LONG time!).  And we have a winner!  Making it resulted in a pretty good stack of dishes, but no step was very difficult or time consuming.  The squash took a little longer than the recipe suggested to become tender while sauteeing, so I ended up throwing the pan with it in the oven to roast while the sauce and noodles finished cooking.  As for the noodles, I had some Kluski noodles that I used in place of the fettuccine, and they worked great.  
I only made half the recipe, and it was the perfect amount for the three of us.  Add in a loaf of Bittman's Bread, and lunch was a hit.

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