Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fig & Walnut Biscotti

I got an email from Jenn a couple of days ago, saying that this might be the recipe that she would actually try baking.  After several emails back and forth it was decided that I would bake them, but that she would come over and keep me company during the process.  It turns out it is a pretty good "visiting" type of cookie to bake.   You mix up the dough, then stick it in the fridge (and sit down and talk), then it goes from the fridge to the oven (again, opportunity to sit and talk), then allow it to cool (insert sitting and talking here), and then cut it and bake it again.  End result being lots of sitting and talking and some incredibly yummy, fragrant, not overly crunchy biscotti.  And actually, about halfway through the afternoon Jenn had to take her daughter to play practice, but they made sure to stop by afterwards to try some of the results of the day.   By the way, I ran into some dried Mission  "Figlets" at Woodman's, and that is what "we" used.  Well, and you can see that I drizzled them with a little bit of melted Ghirardelli double chocolate.  I'll definitely be making these again!

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Angie said...

MMMmmm, I love biscotti! I have recipes for Orange Spice and Double Chocolate that they made at my favorite coffee shop in Medford. I really should get them out and make them're such an inspiration, Julie. ;-)