Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Battle AGAINST the Bulge

So, to try to combat the steady stream of sweets and breads making their way out of my kitchen, every now and then I do make an attempt at being active.  That typically involves the treadmill or free weights, but tonight I did something much more amusing.  I met up with my Aunt Ruth and we took a Cross Country Ski Lesson!  The Nordic Ski Club of Wausau was giving free lessons tonight at Nine Mile Forest & Ski Area, which included free use of rental equipment and no charge for the trail pass.  We went fully expecting to spend the evening on our hineys, laughing hysterically, and generally making fools of ourselves.  Well, we actually didn't do half bad!  The place was packed, and there were plenty of newbies and loads of instructors and semi-experienced skiers as well.  We ended up in a very small group which was just Ruth and I, one other lady, and our instructor.  We got the hang of it pretty quickly, and as long as we didn't stray too far from our "tracks" we did well.  Yes, we did bite it a time or two, but were able to get right up and kept moving along.  All in all, it was a beautiful night to be outside, we got to try a fun new activity, and neither of us broke any bones.  Definitely a success!

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