Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bittman's Bread

Looking for a fantastically easy, amazingly tasty bread recipe?  You might have seen this one floating out and about in cyber space, but I finally caught up with it.  Step 1: Mix flour, salt, yeast and water in a bowl.  Step 2: Cover said bowl with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight.  Step 3: Shape the dough into a ball.  Step 4: Dump the dough in a hot casserole dish and bake.  "Where's the step where I have to knead it until my arms fall off?" you might be asking.  Ah ha!  It isn't kneaded/needed!  And this is probably the best crackly crust that has come out of my oven.  
I mixed up a batch last night and baked it for lunch today.  Loaf disappeared, almost magically (if magic involves Strawberry Rhubarb Butter).  
Just mixed up another batch, same results expected tomorrow.

**See this related article for the background on this recipe.


Angie said...

Umm, yum again! I'm going to make it tomorrow!

Angie said...

Why is it called Bittman's bread?

Ruth said...

It was wonderfully delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie. So, we got your giant box of edible Christmas heaven. Those cookies were RIDICULOUSLY good. Not just trying to make you feel better either. Especially those brown cookies. I found myself unable to not eat more and more. There was a sort of piranha on cow feeding frenzy that unfolded in our kitchen when we all got a taste and realized that there was a limited supply and an insatiable demand.

So Hannah and I were raving about your custom wrapped creations to your mom-in-law yesterday and experienced a healthy dose of horror as we realized that the other person had in fact NOT thanked you for your box of crackesque cookies. And not just for the cookies, but for all that went into making them and sending them and all that.

So Julie, “Thank you!” You’ve really got a gift.

The Taussigs