Saturday, July 26, 2008

Potentially Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

Two years ago when we were in Las Vegas, my mom, aunt Ruth and I went out for dinner to Bouchon.  I would list this among my top favorite meals of all time.  We didn't necessarily get a huge spread but they just had PERFECT french bread, sweet cream butter, and roasted pistachios to enjoy before our entrees arrived, and I have yet to have gnocchi that compare to what I had there.  Little did we know that we missed out BIG time by not stopping at their bakery, which is in the lobby of the Venetian hotel.  I found this recipe online, and figured if their sweets even came close to their meals, we would have a hit.  This was more than a hit.  This was a bottom-of-the-ninth-game-on-the-line-holy-smokes grand slam.  These were cookies that I had to get out of my house NOW.  As soon as they were done and I had devoured one, I called up Jane Whitford, as they were the friends that were the closest in proximity that I could take these little devils to (sorry everyone else - if you want emergency cookie drops, you'll just have to move across the street!  I even tried to think of a way to send some of these to you, Aunt Shelley, but I think you would get a package of crumbs - tasty tasty crumbs).  Make these cookies.  (I used Skippy peanut butter and roasted peanuts and note that they spread a lot on the cookie sheets!)  They are not hard and you will NOT be disappointed!!  

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Aunt Shelley said...

How did you know peanut butter cookies were my absolute favorite - but then didn't send me any!? I would gladly eat the crumbs of anything you bake.:) I think I'm getting fat just READING your recipes. How you have the will power to give away your creations is beyond me...but I sure wish I lived across the street.