Tuesday, July 1, 2008

40th Anniversary Party

Today we joined in the celebration for Justin's grandparents' (Sarah's parents) 40th wedding anniversary.  Almost all the kids and grandkids were there - only Travis (in Texas) and Luke (in Madison) weren't able to be there.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for a cookout and visiting outside.  The adult children did a special song for their parents, and the little kids also did a fun praise song.  There was also a funny poem by Rachel, a devotional time by Abe and Sarah put together some older and new photos into a touching slideshow of their marriage. Jonathan then put together a scavenger hunt with clues for them to find their gift from everyone (a gift certificate for massages).  

PLUS - Justin got touched by a baby and didn't implode! :)  

He had lots of fun at the party - as you can see.

Madelyn also wanted to make sure everyone saw the turtle they found.

We really had a very nice time.

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