Monday, July 21, 2008

Magically Delicious!

When we were in Dubuque and stopped at the Calico Bean Market shop, they were selling little bags of just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.  It is very funny to just see a bag of them without any of the actual cereal bits, though it is probably just about every 8 year-old's dream.  I immediately decided to get them to see how they would work in Rice Krispie Bars.  Well, I'll tell you how they work - awesomely.  I melted regular marshmallows and butter and added that to the already combined rice krispies and rainbow marshmallows.  Stirred everything up and mashed it into a pan, then sprinkled a few more of the fun marshmallows over the top.  I did add a little salt and vanilla into the melted marshmallow mixture as well to try to cut some of the sweetness.  These are probably the tastiest rice krispie bars ever.  Especially if you grew up on Lucky Charms.  And they are obviously way prettier than regular rice krispies (and luckier, of course).


Jim & Jenn King said...

They were magically delicious! Thanks for sharing!

TAP's Thoughts said...

I had Lucky Charms this very morning and I ate all the cereal pieces first and saved the marshmallow goodness for last - a tradition since I was about three years old. (It's your cousin Beth, btw)

Angela said...

You should write ad's for Calico Bean Market! They look so tastey!