Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ah Ha!  Through a sneaky game of peek-a-boo with the camera constantly clicking we finally managed it - proof that Katie Snyder smiles - and when she does, watch out!!  She is just as cute as cute can be!  (Though she does manage to be cute, even without smiling - she is a baby after all!)  Thank goodness for digital cameras - we would have gone through lots of film otherwise!  

This morning we drove into Dubuque and parked near Bluff Street, where there are a number of fun shops and cafes.  One very unique thing that is there is the Fenelon Place Elevator.  Originally built in 1882 by Mr. J.K. Graves, it was a way he could quickly go up and down the steep bluff hill for his lunch hour.  It was rebuilt in 1977, and now the cable cars go up and down throughout the day.  So we rode up it, walked around the neighborhood at the top a bit, and then rode down.  Before heading out, we walked down Bluff Street a bit and stopped at the Calico Bean Market.  What a fun little shop!  All sorts of bulk spices, decorations, snack mixes, grains and pastas.  We found a number of culinary treasures, and the snack mix we picked out, the Cabin Crunch, is fantastic.  
Thanks, Angie - for entertaining us and for the fun visit!!

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