Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Justin's Project

While my summer projects include lots of painting (fence, rooms, etc), Justin is working at rewiring our theater upstairs.  When we moved in he put in a great home theater.  He has since found some higher quality cables (for speakers, the projector, amp and other equipment), and wanted to do it in a way that all the wires were within the ceiling or walls, rather than in tracks along the outside of the walls.  So, rather than head out for a walk this evening, he has been climbing up and down in the crawlspace and I have been helping feed wires through one hole in the ceiling or another.  He really is working hard to do the best job possible, and hopefully the end result will be something he is very pleased with.  I am very willing to clean up the insulation particles that have flown around the room in appreciation for all his hard work!

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Backyard Blitz said...

If Justin gets that done a little bit quicker, we can have some serious Guitar Hero battles. Not that Justin won't kick our butts each and every time, but it would still be fun!