Monday, July 28, 2008

Cookin' & Cleanin'

Well, the kitchen certainly got a workout today.  When I got home from the gym (my workout!) I made a batch of chocolate-chip-plus cookies (milk chocolate & semisweet chocolate chips, plus mini m&m's) for small group this evening.  Then to use up some pears I made a batch of mini loaves of pear bread.  I froze all but one of the small loaves.  Justin can enjoy another one (or three) while I'm away.  

The kitchen was a bit of a mess by then, so I gave it a quick cleaning.  Have you seen or tried these cleaning wipes?  They're great!  I like the "lavender" scent, mainly because it doesn't have a cleaning chemical smell.  They were in a bundle on clearance at Target, and I thought I'd give 'em a shot.  Very handy.

Then a very yummy dinner - maple soy salmon, roasted fingerling potatoes (from Saturday's Farmer's Market), and a new recipe for cauliflower - roasted with carmelized onions and Spanish smoked paprika and just a dusting of cocoa powder - very unique, but also very good!  And then Travis offered to do the dishes that couldn't go in the dishwasher (I knew there was a good reason for letting him stay! :).

After dinner I went out to check out our raspberry bushes - what a bounty!  I probably should have been checking them a few days ago, but not too many had fallen off yet.  I had been planning to bring them to small group to share, but Travis would have none of that and claimed them for his breakfast!

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