Friday, December 19, 2008

Two New Cakes

Two recipes for the price of one today, and two good ones, for that matter!  Via a link on Joy's blog, I felt an urgency to make this Butterscotch Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake.  I threatened Justin and Trav away from the last of the bananas on our counter, and had all of the other ingredients on hand.  As you'll notice if you follow the link to the recipe, it only calls for half of the recipe for the yellow cake.  As I didn't threaten hard or fast enough, by the time I got to the bananas there was only one left, so I couldn't just double the recipe.  Instead I took Peabody's advice and made the Pecan Pie Cake with the other half (I had all the ingredients for that on hand as well).  To make them perty, I drizzled some butterscotch and chocolate ganache over the banana one, and poured the remaining chocolate ganache over the pecan one.  Both turned out great, though Justin declared that the Butterscotch Banana one as his favorite, and requested four layers of it for his birthday.  

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Dg2.5 said...

Pecan Pie Cake was delicious!!! mmmmmmm! but what I wouldn't give for shrimp crackers!