Monday, December 8, 2008

Hazelnut Tea Cookies

I couldn't really decide whether to blog about these cookies or not.  I was leaning away from it, as I thought they were just okay, but other people have given them two thumbs up and so now I feel it is worth it to share.  It really comes down to the hazelnuts.  If  you love hazelnuts, you will flip over these.  If you aren't the biggest fan of them (which I guess includes me), they'll just be so-so.  As the hazelnuts are toasted and then finely ground, the flavor is very much in the forefront.  The buttery shortbread-type cookie dough is the secondary player.  My favorite part is the powdered sugar coating.  I like my family's "Russian Tea Cakes" a bit better, but they are made with walnuts or pecans and that's the main difference.  I'll make those in a few days to let you compare.  

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Angie said...

Yum! I'm nuts about hazelnuts!