Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stupid Yeast

Okay.  The jar of yeast is officially going in the garbage.  I made these yesterday.  Helen's look pretty incredible, eh?  Ha.  Not when you have crummy yeast like I did.  The problem with mostly bad yeast, and not completely bad, is that when you mix it with warm water, it still foams a bit and looks okay.  And then you mix it into your flour and eggs and butter and all sorts of other wonderful things, and it does diddly squat.  The little punks just wouldn't do their jobs.  Rise!  Grow!  Release your yeasty gases!  Nope.  Nothing.  I still went ahead and rolled out the (dense, flat) dough and spread on the dulce de leche and cream cheese, pleading with it to do something, anything, in the fridge overnight.  They didn't, couldn't really, as they very obviously had passed on.  So I baked the pan, still with (completely illogical) hopes that in the oven they would *poof* come alive and look magnificent coming out.  They didn't.  The rolls looked okay.  And they tasted okay, but not wonderful and yeasty and, well, you get the picture.  

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Tartelette said...

Sorry things did not turn out allright. Did you kill the yeast maybe by overheating the water? Trying to come up with an answer, and I am thinking your yeast was fine since it bubbled at first but something happened during the first rising that made me think it got either too hot or the dough was in a drafty place?