Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peanut Butter Blossoms

So I decided to take Hershey's prize basket's suggestion and just go ahead and make Peanut Blossoms with everything that was sent.  I followed the recipe almost to the tee - I used butter-flavored shortening and doubled the vanilla (as usual).  And just as I was mixing them up, I got a call from Claudia, who was in town - all the way from Peru!  She is working at Cascade Mountain ski hill in Portage over the winter (her "summer" break - poor girl) and had a friend drive her into Stevens Point to visit with some people from Woodlands who she had met in Peru.  The cookies came out of the oven just as she arrived, so we were able to catch up a bit over glasses of milk and warm Peanut Blossoms (that's when they're the best - the Kiss is nice and gooey!).  It was fun to laugh and remember moments from Peru, as well as tease her about willingly coming to Wisconsin in the middle of winter!

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