Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wife of a Geek

Justin has been involved in an online software competition for the last couple of months, and has qualified for a trip to Las Vegas. We've gone to this "conference" for the past two years, and we're thrilled to be going again soon. However, to try to "get to know" the competitors a bit better, TopCoder has asked each of them to submit a video. Not really anything specific required, just something personal and TopCoder- or competition-related. We wanted to try to make it somewhat silly, but we couldn't figure out how filming Norm attempting to climb a tree was computer-related. Rather, I got a new brand of fondant icing I have been wanting to try, and decided to make TopCoder and TCO cupcakes. Then we will film Justin eating one. This Satin Ice Fondant was very easy to work with, but alas, it still tastes a bit like plastic. I added some vanilla and butter extract, but that just made it taste like vanilla butter gum. So cute? Of course. Tasty? Nothing to rave about, but not half bad. Definitely better than Wilton brand (noticing a theme here...). I only covered these few in fondant - the rest I just stuck with the cream cheese frosting! And sprinkles - lots of sprinkles!

Can you believe this photo came from my camera - Justin thought it was something I found online!

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Angie said...

So cute! You should send a pic to Cake Wrecks. ;-)