Saturday, April 11, 2009

Challah - First Loaf

I've been holding onto this recipe for challah for a little while now, and finally got it into the kitchen to be made today. And actually, this is the first loaf of challah that has ever come out of my oven! I don't know why it took me so long - other things just came first I guess. My Kitchen Aid mixer could barely get this dough kneaded, and so I ended up going at it by hand for a little while as well. The recipe makes two LARGE loaves. I wanted to bake one tonight so that we could try it and then use the leftovers for french toast this week. The second loaf is braided and in the fridge, to be baked in the morning for Easter festivities. I was honestly quite surprised when I opened the oven to see how much it had "plumped" during baking! I braided the second loaf a little tighter, so I'm hoping that loaf will be slightly more compact. Definitely dramatic though! And oh-so delicious!