Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Visit to Seattle

So, while Julie and I were living in Seattle, Dad, Trav, and Luke came to visit. We did the "touristy" stuff, like go downtown, the Space Needle, and the Experience Music Project:.

We also ate waaaay too much Chinese food one nigh at our favorite take out place. While we were out and about, Trav proceeded to make his "stupid" face in every picture we took. Click on each one to get the full effect :)

If you've ever been down by the Space Needle, you soon realize it's kind of a weird place. The Space Needle is front and center, but the Experience Music Project is right next to it, with the monorail that always catches on fire going through it (the picture of Trav and Luke above is them braving the monorail ride); there's a weird carnival with kiddie roller coasters, the Key Arena where the Supersonics play, and the "International Fountain", which is always a crowd pleaser. It's a giant fountain that shoots water in time with music. Very cool. Plus a picture to prove that Trav isn't the only joker in the family.

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