Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Every so often, a website called MacHeist is updated with a new bundle of Mac software that is a huge discount for what is provided. I bought it last year, and bought it again this year. I use The Hit List and Espresso pretty much every day. -- A side note -- The Hit List has an awesome easter egg in it: When you check a task as done it plays a little chime. I had a task called "Send package to Luke", reminding me to send something to my brother, and when I checked it as done, it played a little Star Wars song instead, because I had the word "Luke" in the task. It also plays a Super Mario Brothers song for tasks with Mario or Luigi in the name. --

I am also encouraging Julie to start using Delicious Library to account for our DVD's and books, since we tend to lend things out and forget who has what, and Sous Chef for her recipes.

Anyways, one of the apps in the bundle is called "World of Goo". It's a fun little game where you try to get these little "Goo Balls" moved around, and different species of Goo Balls have different properties. Julie is now officially addicted. I laugh every time she yells at the computer because something goes wrong :)

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