Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cakes Galore - and Alpacas

I have quite a few events coming up to bake for, and I've started by baking a number of cakes for a tasting. Today I put together a simple marble, chocolate fudge, and vanilla buttermilk cakes. The vanilla buttermilk cake recipe comes from a cookbook I've mentioned before on this blog, "Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes." It is so very tasty - the buttermilk adds such a nice little extra flavor, as well as tons of moisture.
Also coming up is a fundraising banquet at church for the team of students and adults heading on a missions trip this summer to Lima, Peru. I was asked to provide the desserts, and was happy to oblige. I was playing with some ideas for sweets when I came across this Alpaca-shaped cookie cutter online. I have since decided to make some other things and won't be using the cutter for the banquet, but I had the extra piece of cake that I had leveled off, and felt like testing it out. Yep. It turns out that it cuts things in the shape of an alpaca. Genius.


allison said...

Awww, that looks so cute and delicious!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Tasty treats in the shape of Alpacas without the spitting, perfect. :-)


Julie said...

Aw man, you two kill me!

Justin just informed me that when I presented him with this alpaca-shaped cake, he didn't even realize it - he just thought it was a messed up piece of cake and ate it!!

Angie said...

As usual...yum. And I like your cookie cutter...think of it at Chrismastime. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a frosted alpaca!