Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pacific Ocean

When Julie and I were in Seattle, we took a drive to the Pacific ocean. It's a longer drive than you might think, at least a couple of hours.

The beach itself isn't much of a "lay out and get a sun tan" beach. The water itself is very cold and very dangerous, so there wasn't any swimming or anything like that. We found this guy and took his picture. He had some weird contraption made out of PVC that he used to suck sand in and then "spit" it back out. Apparently a particular type of shrimp burrows into the sand when the tide goes out and he was collecting them in the jar. He knew where they were since they still had to breath, so there were tiny little air bubbles on the surface of the sand.

We spent some time walking on the beach watching people fly kites. Apparently this is a popular thing to do. A couple of them were so big they actually had to be attached to the trailer hitches on people's trucks.

After we walked around on the beach, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and then headed home.

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