Monday, April 6, 2009

A Big Day.

Seven years ago today Justin and I took that monumental step of tying the knot. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day, and for the most part, everything went off without a hitch. Church? Check. Flowers? Check. Dresses and Tuxes? Check and Check. Photographer and Cake? Check and yummy Check. Rings? Check. Friends and Family? Double Check. Each other? Forever Check.
The day went by quickly, but I think reflected who we are - fun and laid back. Definitely gave and received more hugs that day than probably in the seven years since. Gosh, I loved those bridesmaids' dresses. I wish I could have worn one! Well, except that I got to wear the wedding dress, which wasn't half bad. I also love how well the photographs came out. It was great to look through the proof album and see the shots that we could never have noticed were happening. This shot of Justin's grandmother Gigi and my Grandma always makes me smile, and gets me choked up at the same time.
While time may have passed by and we've grown up and experienced life a bit more, I love Justin, and am ridiculously thankful that we walked down that aisle seven years ago.


Angie said...

Happy Anniversary!! And thanks for the post and the beautiful pictures. I still have my dress. They are BEAUTIFUL and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Ok, I think I've exceeded my beautiful quota for the day. Love you both!!

Dg2.5 said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your memories and photos!

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe that 7 years have gone by already. Time really does move faster the older you get. Jessie got engaged a couple weeks ago. She's getting married Oct 24, 2009. Time to reprise the role as maid(matron) of honor.