Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out & About

Justin and I spent a good part of the day in the car.  This morning we drove over to Appleton to pick up a few things - Penzey's for spices, World Market for chocolate, and Game Stop for a used XBox 360 controller (Trav picked up an XBox this past week, but it only comes with one controller).  

After lunch we drove up to Wausau so Justin could play Command & Conquer with his dad, and I went and picked up my mom and we drove over to Sam's Club to pick up some green beans.  Yep.  Green Beans.  They have absolutely the best fresh green beans of anywhere in town.  And we pushed our way through the sea of jumbo carts, snakes of people in line for free food, and tables of fleece shirts to find all the green beans gone.  We stood and stared, stunned, for several moments before turning in disgust.  Not that we left completely empty handed - their prices on pecans and walnuts were pretty good.  

And as I sat down to write today's post, I realized I forgot to take any pictures.  And there were some good pictures to be had - steamy Penzey's hot chocolate in mugs with warm and fragrant Chai Shortbread cookies and then the guys killing zombies and ignoring previously mentioned treats (though zombies do tend to be a rather pesky problem).  

So I just picked up the camera, turned in my chair, and Storm, the slouch, is gracing the blog tonight.

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