Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas on the Brain

Stringing lights and baking cookies - kinda sounds like a Christmas-y day, doesn't it?  Let me explain.  I like stringing Christmas lights on our fence, and have since we moved in.  Two years ago kids came through and broke a bunch of the light bulbs, rendering the christmas lights worthless and me really mad.  So last year we wound lights around our trees.  Pretty, but a HUGE pain in the rump to take down.  So this year, I am hoping the neighborhood kids have grown up a bit and won't be jerks, and am stringing the lights on our fence again.  Plus I got the lights on clearance in January or February of last year, so if they do get busted, it will only be $15 down the drain.  

And for the cookies, another new recipe to try that really has nothing to do with Christmas.  I'm baking a lot for other people this week (desserts for a wedding rehearsal dinner, DeRoche's Commissioning Service at church, and a wedding shower), and wanted something new for us to try.  
Here is the recipe I started with.  Minor adjustments - I added vanilla and a little salt (hello - we like FLAVOR), and the peanut butter mixture was pretty dry, so I added a tablespoon of softened butter.  Oh, and once again, I didn't read all of the directions very well and just rolled the whole cookie in the extra sugar before baking, rather than just smooshing it with a glass dipped in the sugar.  

Result: Yummy.  Very yummy.  A bit putzy, but good enough to make it worth it.  

Oh, and I didn't listen to Christmas music while making them, I stuck with the new Eric Hutchinson album that Justin put on my iPod.  

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