Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mini Mocha Cookies

I made this recipe this afternoon, and they are just as tasty as can be.  I felt like the name "Little Dippers" was kind of an ambiguous title, as they do little to describe what these cookies taste like.  Granted, it is a cute name if the cookies are cut as stars, but what if, like me, you didn't really want to make stars?  What if, rather, you wanted to make tiny little leaves and pumpkins to remind you of autumn and the fact that it is quickly speeding by?  Well, then you call them "Mini Mocha Cookies" to let people know what they are about to bite into.  Chocolate and coffee are a very agreeable pair, and they play very nicely in these little bites!


Ann said...

what'd you sprinkle on yours? they're sooo cute!

p.s. my word for comment verification last time was "fooder." isn't that funny?

p.p.s. why do you have the silly verification requirement on comments anyways? did you have a bad experience as a child? ;-) or are you just smart enought to know i'd comment a lot more if i didn't have to do that???

Angie said...

Ummm, yummm! So are you going to have these avaliable when Katie and I head up north for hunting season on the 21st? I was thinking of trying to stop by if you're around.