Saturday, June 14, 2008

We do more than just golf, really!

Another gorgeous day! Sunny, warm, and a little breezy, and it feels great. I always like to think my favorite season is fall or spring, but they really just don't compare to summer. And the fact that I actually get a bit of a tan and am no longer creepily pale is certainly a benefit!

Justin drove up to Wausau today to play a round of golf at Greenwood Hills Country Club. It is one of the nicer courses in the area, but as it is a country club and he needs to be invited by a member to play, he doesn't get to go very often. Hopefully he and his dad will have a good time with the other two men they are playing with, no matter what the scorecard says!

We are also looking forward to celebrating Father's Day this evening with John and Sarah, and Travis. They are coming over to our house for dinner (pizza from Polito's - the best in town!) and plenty of Wii games. Fun!

We went for a walk this evening, and what a funny sight - these two ducks were walking down the road!  By the time I caught up to take this photo they had safely found the sidewalk.  And several weeks ago there were two ducks sitting out in the grass on our boulevard - probably the same two!  What is funny is that we live a couple miles from the Wisconsin River - too far for these ducks to have walked the whole way!


Jim & Jenn King said...

Yeah! I get to comment. Love the duck pic. Thanks for everything last night we had a great time.

Angela said...

I don't know, I think you do more than just golf Julie, but I'm not so sure about Justin. At least we can entice him south to do just that. ;-)