Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Day

Today after church we drove up to my dad and stepmom's campsite near Birnamwood, WI.  They have their mobile home parked at a year-long campsite and enjoy spending almost all of their weekends there.  We finally found a free weekend afternoon to go up and visit with them among all the busy ones!  While the weather didn't exactly cooperate and rained a bit, it ended up clearing up long enough to fire up the grill for burgers.  I also brought along those crazy-good flourless chocolate cakes.  Yum yum!  
Then we headed over to my cousin Thomas' high school graduation party, where there was plenty more food, but also lots more family to visit and laugh with.  There were two backyard game choices, bean bag toss and laddergolf.  
Both were going merrily along until someone (I won't mention any names!) got a little carried away with the golf balls and a set ended up on one of the overhead cables!  Much chaos and laughter ensued, until Greg saved the day with a gigantic squeegee.  
The gaming commenced, though the direction of the laddergolf game changed slightly to go parallel with the wires!  

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