Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paint is Everywhere!

Goodness Gracious.  6 cans of paint, a trip to Menards (for more paint), and 4 hours later, a big portion of our fence is repainted.  It has been needing to be done for the last 3 years, and we finally got to it.  Last year we got CLOSE - we at least bought some paint and a paint sprayer, but alas, both sat in our garage and basement over the winter.  This year we are determined to get it done.  We still have the front and east side of our lot to do, but that is not as tall as the west and north side.  Hopefully the next nice weekend we get we can hammer it out.  I think we can... I think we can... :)

We also took the cats out this afternoon, and Storm was chasing something through the flowers.  I am assuming it was a bunny, but it could have been anything.  Whatever it was, it knew she was coming a mile away.  Storm doesn't exactly possess a "stealth" ability.  She was going through those flowers like Godzilla goes through Tokyo.  She isn't as bad as this guy but she could stand to lose a few pounds.

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