Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Quite a bit on our schedule today!  Typical Monday morning workout at Adventure 212 (BodyPump!) and then immediately came home and made peanut butter chocolate bars (I know, I know.  Quite laughing at me!).  I am completely hooked on a new (to me) blog,  Her pictures of food are INCREDIBLE, and descriptions are so funny and detailed that you want to try some of her recipes right away!! This was the first recipe that I have tried, but I have a stack that I printed out and want to work through.  As you can tell from the picture, our small group thought they were alright. :)  I think I would tweek the recipe just a tiny bit.  I felt like the semisweet chocolate overpowered the peanut butter in them, and thought they would be great with some strawberry rhubarb jam swirled in with the batter.  Or maybe just cut back on the chocolate a little.  They were certainly easy to throw together, and were excellent as is!

Justin and Trav went out to breakfast this morning, and when they got home the three of us watched some of the U.S. Open
playoff round between Tiger Woods & Rocco Mediate (of course Tiger won, but Mediate put up a great fight!).  We also got some Mario Party on the Wii in, and then drove Travis up to CWA around 4 pm for his flight back to Texas.  We certainly enjoyed having him stay over, and hopefully he is almost there by now - safe and sound!  

We then stopped at the golf range on the way home so Justin could hit a bucket of balls (I brought a magazine to read), stopped at home and had a quick dinner, and then headed out to Lincoln & Ann's for small group bible study.  This was our first time meeting with this new group, and we really felt welcomed (it might have just been for the bars!) and enjoyed our time there.  We are looking forward to continuing with them through the study of the book of John.


Jim & Jenn King said...

We're glad you felt welcomed! Jim and I are so glad you were there! Your bars were just a perk.

Called and Sent said...

Definitely just a perk, although it is kind of interesting that Monday is your baking day... :)