Thursday, June 26, 2008

More painting!

Okay, so most of you have seen our fence, and realize what a big task it is to repaint the crazy thing.  Yes, we got a big chunk of it done on Saturday, but that still left another big chunk!  As a surprise for Justin (Surprise!), who is out golfing today, I asked a neighborhood boy (Thanks, Luke!) over to help hold the cardboard so I could paint as much as possible.  We were flying!  As you can see, some things OTHER than the fence got painted as well!  The only parts left to paint are the areas that our plants are by, which will have to wait until fall when we cut them back (probably only another 1/2 hour of work).  But this is huge!  We really accomplished a lot, and I know Justin will be excited that he doesn't have to commit another day to this project (well, until the fall!).

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