Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Quite "Spreads"

I was looking for a quick and easy recipe yesterday that would cover two bases - a church function and treats for small group.  This "Spreads" recipe seemed to fit the bill, so I thought I'd try it out.  I didn't have margarine, so I just used good ol' butter.  The consistency was a bit different than PW's, as the dough was much thicker, and not really spreadable.  I just patted it into a rectangle shape on my cookie sheet and it worked just fine.  I also put a silicone baking mat on my cookie sheet before the dough, simply to make removing the giant cookie/bar easier.  One other minor variation - I put a combination of semisweet chocolate chips and butterscotch chips on the top, and it came out very tasty.  It really was pretty simple to put together, and I was able to turn two of these puppies out of my kitchen in under an hour.  Nice, simple, yummy.

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