Wednesday, February 11, 2009


While in Texas last year and during a trip to India, Travis developed a taste for Indian cuisine.  Over the past few months, he has worked at cooking dinner about once a week, and this often involves a new curry recipe.  Being his last week with us, and probably the last time he makes dinner, he asked if I would make Naan, an Indian-style flatbread, to go along with the meal.  I found this highly-rated recipe and felt it didn't look any harder than any other type of bread.  I'm not sure how traditional or authentic it is, but as it turned out great, I don't really care!  The individual naan(s?) came out smaller than I've seen, only about the size of my hand, and I made about 20-25 of them from the recipe.  I'll definitely make this again, but will roll the balls of dough larger, about the size of racquetballs rather than golfballs, to increase the size of the finished naan.  I'm excited to have a bag full of them in my freezer now.  They reheat in only 2-3 minutes in a 375 degree oven.  Easy!

Also.  To clarify.  At the bottom of each of our posts, you can see which of us (Justin or Julie) actually wrote it.  Please do not think that I posted the entry about the thisiswhyyourefat website.  I wouldn't do that to you.  Justin would though.  He did it.

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