Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue Cornmeal Caramel Cake (and birthday wishes)

We went up to Wausau this evening to celebrate my mom's birthday with a quiet dinner and a yummy cake.  I love my mom.  And I have come to realize that she is pretty dang smart (I doubted this for a bit when I was in high school) and pretty dang funny (also didn't notice that in high school).  Don't get me wrong, we never had any knock-down, drag-out screaming matches, but she was a pretty strict mom with high expectations and I was a know–it-all kid that thought I wasn't having enough fun in life (I was).  But there is something about growing up a bit that helps us appreciate our parents a bit more, and how much time, energy, love, and hope that they pour into us childish children.  
So, here's to you, Mom.  You deserve so much more than just a yummy Blue Cornmeal Caramel Cake, but know that it was made with a whole lot of love!

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Travis said...

Dear Julie,
I am totally missing your awesome daily baking. My life definitely is not as sugar-y right now. :(