Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The other day at the farmers market there was a table with a basket on it, which was full of zucchini.  Well, the sign said each zucchini was only 75 cents.  So who in their right mind just wouldn't purchase the biggest, most gargantuan zucchini available, right?  I knew I would only be making bread with it, so I was going for quantity, plain and simple.  I really should have taken a picture of the massive ZUCCHINI I picked out (see, I even had to write it in all caps, just to get the point across!).  It was bigger than some of the weights I use during BodyPump!  Last night the guys watched some weird Austrailian Western Irish film (I did preface that with the word weird) so I was determined to take that huge ZUCCHINI and make it into tasty tasty bread.  I got over 4 cups of shredded zucchini, so I made two batches of the recipe.  At the last minute Justin requested some muffins with it, So I made one batch with walnuts and used mini loaf pans, and the other batch without walnuts into muffins.   They both turned out wonderfully.  I had little doubt, as it had over two cups of sugar in each batch!  We have to make sure to feed our sweet tooth!  (Oh, and on that note - I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday - still no cavities - hooray!)

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Jim and Jenn King said...

Ahhh...I see that you and Jim spell the same way, finetikly. :)