Sunday, September 14, 2008


Okay, so after a pretty bad baking bust yesterday (nope, not even going to talk about it!), I managed to redeem myself this afternoon with some pretty stinkin' tasty brownies.  And not just any brownies, but spiced up brownies, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.  These are definitely some wonderfully fudgy brownies, rather than cakey, but that was just fine with me.  The cinnamon, cardamom, and smoked paprika (I didn't have chipotle) give just a hint of something different.  I was a little worried that all you would be able to taste was the spice, but it really is just a fraction of a flavor, something to make you go, mmmm.... what is that???  Right before you take another bite... and another... and one more!  Add a Packers win to the afternoon and an evening with the Kings - definitely a great day!

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