Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let the Names Begin!

As many of you know, I have been knocking the possibility of starting a dessert/cake type business around in my head.  As we have started down this path, THE question that keeps getting asked is, "What will it be called?"  The immediate answer is, "I have no idea!"  I am not very creative in this area.  We have been throwing around a couple of names amongst ourselves, but then we thought of all of YOU, many of whom are WAY more creative than us.  So here's your chance - PLEASE HELP US!  We're hoping to pick a name in the next week or two, so let's say, you have until Sunday, Sept. 21st to send a name idea (or as many as you can think of!) to us.  Either just add a comment with your idea, or shoot me an email: juliebgasper(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I would be focusing on special occasion cakes, cookies, desserts, etc. initially, but could see myself expanding into breads and such at some point down the road.  We'll announce the "winner" on Monday the 22nd.  And you better believe the winner is going to get something delicious baked for them! :)


Travis said...

partake in cake

seriously sweet (alt. spelling for the hip internet/text message crowd could be "srrsly sw33t")

brake for cake

stuffin' with muffinz

Julie B's Old-Timey baked food stuffs

Dessert Oasis

Julie B's Waist Enhancement Center

Stuff A Cake in It!


CAKE BREAK!! (advertisement would be Justin in a headband yelling "CAKE BREAK" at the top of his lungs while karate chopping successively larger stacks of cakes)

Called and Sent said...

I like SweetArts, but we will be submitting our ideas, too...

Jim and Jenn King said...

I have to admit, somewhat begrudgingly, I love SweetArts! That's a great name. Travis isn't allowed to win though, he already gets a part of ALL your baked goods. No fair! *insert me stomping my feet like a 2 year old here*

Called and Sent said...

Take the Cake

Batter Up

Sweet Somethings

We'll have more later...

cousin allison said...

My ideas so far are:
A Dash of Delicious
Riquisimo (with an accent over the second i, meaning scrumptious in Spanish, even though you probably wouldn't be baking anything related to...Spanish)

I'm still thinking!

TAP's Thoughts said...

Little Slice of Heaven

Just Desserts

Pie Hole

Sweet Tooth

Pasty Pastries (because people in WI don't see too much sun)

Confection Perfection

The Cake Commander (and the mascot would be the Cobra Commander in an apron)

Coma Central (especially if you sell that peanut butter cake)

Dg2.5 said...

we gotta chime in as a family...

Flour Power

And Eat it Too

The Daily Bread (once you expand into french bread - you WILL expand into french breads, you WILL)


Point Bakery Stinks - Stop Here Instead


Julie's Sweets and More

Julie's Patisserie (that's french for bread (See a theme here?))

Bake It Like Beckham

Bake Stop

Let Them Eat Cake

Slice of Heaven



The Bread Shed

The Bread Bar

Jim and Jenn King said...

Ok, here are our real ideas....

Just Desserts
Desserts Divine
Decadent Desserts
Delightful Desserts
Creative Cakes
Better than Grandma's Kitchen

These 2 came from Jim in the middle of the night...

The Delaware Baking Co.
Nacho Mama's Cake Co.

Yep, Nacho.....
He needs to get off the night shift.

Julie said...

What do you call Cheese that isn't yours???

NACHO Cheese!! :)

Called and Sent said...

Ellie's ideas:


Cake Store


Yum Yum Shack

Angie said...

Ok, I've been thinking everytime I take a nap with Katie...and Kurt's helping, too...here are our entries.

Gasper Goodies

Aching for Some Baking

Delicious Delectible Delights

Everything Goes Good with Frosting

Homemade (the slogan would be, "It's Homemade!")

Just Dessserts (with three/four s's, because Kurt says the difference between deserts and desserts is the number of s's)

Betty Crocker LIVE (that's Kurt's)

Out of the Box

Better than Grandma's

By the way, if you move your business down here Kurt has an aunt who bakes cakes and is looking to retire her business to a young entrepenure (sp?). We'd love it, too!