Friday, August 1, 2008

Buenos Dias!

Greetings from Peru! We got to our hotel here in Lima about midnight after a long day of flights. It is great how much they feed you on a long international flight though, isn´t it? We just finished a nice breakfast of coffee, fresh rolls with jam, and papaya juice (thick!). Today we drive down to Chincha, where I hope to load a picture or two when I can! Here are some pictures - the first of our typical breakfast, rolls, jam, coffee, and papaya juice; the second is of a park (of love) that was very close to our hotel in Lima; and the third is of one of the sites we will be working at, with adobe bricks drying. We have seen and done a lot today. Eaten new foods (very good food!), walked past the street vendors with unusual items to buy, and visited several of the sites we will begin working at tomorrow. These Peruvians have lived through some of the worst circumstances in the past year. It is great to hear that we are bringing hope by helping to rebuild, but it is also very overwhelming and hard to take in everything. Please pray for strength for our team, as we will begin working very early tomorrow and throughout the day.

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