Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chippy Chicken Failure

So we were watching a new show on the food network, and Justin decided he wanted to try what they were making.  It didn't necessarily sound all that bad at the time, chicken tenders coated in crushed nacho cheese corn chips and a special seasoning blend and pan-fried.  As chicken was already on my shopping list, a bag of doritos was an easy addition.  Obviously my brain is still a little foggy from all the traveling, because it should have had warning bells going off like crazy.  It really wasn't until it was in the pan cooking that the major doubts began washing over me like a tsunami.  This was going to be bad.  Very bad.  And you know what... It was bad.  Very bad.  The fact that this recipe made it onto a nationally televised spot is proof that the end of the world can't be far off.  Do not cook anything in doritos, please.  Just eat them out of the bag if you need to, just don't coat anything in them, sprinkle them on top of anything, etc.  It is now time to go to Belt's to make up for this crazy bad dinner!


Jim and Jenn King said...

We're not sure what's no disturbing....the chicken recipe or the fact that Justin is wearing a shirt with writing on it!

Jim and Jenn King said...

that should say more disturbing, not no disturbing...it was early.