Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Busier than Usual Saturday

I certainly had plenty to keep me busy this weekend.  I was organizing a wedding at church for a young couple, and between the rehearsal last night and the ceremony today, I had an awful lot of details to keep straight in my head!  This was a rather large wedding (almost 300 guests), with 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen, two ushers, 4 greeters, parents, grandparents, plus the bride, groom and pastor.  Oh, and a full band set up on stage.  It was a bit of a puzzle at the rehearsal fitting everything, but everything came together in the end.  Once all the bouquets and boutonnieres were distributed and pinned on correctly it was easy sailing!  The ceremony went beautifully and the church was cleared out and everyone was on their way to the reception by 4:45 pm.

But I know what you all really want to know - what did I bake today, right?!  Well, in preparation for the church picnic tomorrow evening I tried a new cookie recipe.  Usually if I am taking something somewhere like that I stay with a tested favorite, but the reviews were very good for this one, so I figured I couldn't mess them up too badly.  "But Julie," I hear you say, "those look like plain ol' chocolate chip cookies - how boring!"  Oh,  ye of little faith, these are no ordinary chippers.  Throw in some peanut butter, some roasted peanuts, Ghiradelli chocolate chips and some Penzy's cinnamon, you have yourself a winner!  The cinnamon is such an unexpected punch, and leaves such a smooth finish (am I talking about a bottle of wine or a cookie for goodness sakes!) - seriously addicting!  If I have time tomorrow I am hoping to also put together turtle bars to take as well.

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Called and Sent said...

OH man, I didn't try one of those cookies last night and now I'm regretting it!! Have any leftovers you can bring tonight?!?!