Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sore Muscles!

Today was very productive, though I am sure we will be pretty sore this evening and tomorrow. Lots of mixing mud for adobe bricks and mortar, making adobe bricks (as in the first picture), playing with kids, adding layers of bricks to walls, lining the walls with mud and mesh, tying the mesh onto the wall (as Lori is doing in the third picture), moving bricks, etc, etc, etc. We are now back at the hotel, cleaning up a bit (okay, cleaning up A LOT) before heading out for dinner. I'll write a good entry on the food we have been eating later in the week!


Jim & Jenn King said...

Yeah! We love pictures! OK, those had to have been taken early on in the day because you, Jim and Lori are entirely too clean! Thanks for including one of Jim, Madie (OK, me & Maureen too) needed it.

Ann Galbraith said...

Hey! Is that an Entree Vous shirt? Hope you're enjoying its' last moments... Seriously it's great to see the pics - glad you arrived safely and that things seem to be going well, though sleep-deprived. But hey, how would that different than usual? ;-)