Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Outside Kind of Day

We had a very nice Sunday, much of which was spent outdoors.  After church Grandpa & Grandma (John & Sue) Miller dropped by and the five of us enjoyed a nice lunch out at Charcoal Grill.  Justin had to get some work done at home this afternoon, but Grandpa, Grandma, Travis and I went biking along the Green Circle Trail a bit.  It was a very warm afternoon but there was a good breeze, and since so much of the trail is shaded it was great for riding bikes.  
Shortly after we returned home Grandpa & Grandma headed up to Wausau and Travis, Justin and I headed over to Iverson Park for Woodlands' Picnic and Baptism.  They had grills roaring and we had a great time sharing good food and spending the evening with friends.  
Four of our good friends were getting baptized, Jim & Jenn King and Derek & Kari Leonard.  It was great to be able to see them take this next step in their walk with God!

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