Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Fall-y" Craft Project

County Market had a great sale on their pumpkins and gourds today, so I went over this morning and picked up a number of each to decorate our porch. I saw these funny pumpkin men in a magazine at least four or five years ago and I try to make a couple each year. They are so easy and always make people smile. Just take 3 or more small pumpkins and gourds, drill holes through each and stick a wooden skewer through them all to keep them vertical. Drill a couple of holes for the arms (just twigs) and draw on a face with a sharpie. Happy Fall!

1 comment:

Jim and Jenn King said...

Wow Julie! You're multi-talented! I do believe that Madie and I may just have found our art project for the weekend.