Friday, October 10, 2008

Almost there!

We've certainly had a full day of cars and planes. We drove to Minneapolis this morning, checked in for our flight without problems (for the most part) and all our flights were on time (for the most part.) It turned out the fee for an overweight bag is $75!! The fee for a whole extra bag is only $25! Since one of our bags was overweight, I quickly pulled out an extra duffle we had packed and shifted things around, and then actually put in Justin's carry-on bag inside it as well, and the ticket agent counted it as simply checking a carry-on, which apparently there is no extra fee for! Very bizarre, but it all worked out. All the bags made it to San Diego just fine along with us, and we made it to our hotel just fine as well. We have a San Diego Bay view from our window - very cool. It is good to be done for the day, but we are both very excited to get onboard the ship tomorrow!

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