Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day on Maui

Goodness gracious, it has been a beautiful day anchored in Maui's Lahaina Harbor. This morning I woke up EARLY - but only because I fell asleep EARLY and slept harder than a log. I jogged around the track on the top deck of the ship for a bit, and then watched the sunrise. Gorgeous. After waking up Justin and eating a quick breakfast we caught one of the tenders (like a shuttle-boat) ashore - and caught sight of this rainbow as well! We walked and did a bit of shopping around Lahaina for awhile, stopped at Hilo Hattie's, which is something of an icon, but we didn't have time to go when we were actually IN Hilo. After tendering back to the ship for a quick lunch and changed into swimsuits, we headed up the coast a bit to Ka'anapali Beach, which came highly recommended - by the Travel Channel, guide books, and our friends Clay & Laurie, who have stayed there in the past. The water was quite cool, relatively speaking - it was pretty close to empty, but that didn't stop us from swimming for a good 45 minutes! And finally, a great sunset to cap off the day!

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