Saturday, October 18, 2008

Different from normal

Julie was noticing a theme with a lot of the pictures taken of me over the span of our vacation so far. Things seem to be similar to what normally happens at home. Why did we go on vacation to do the same stuff I could have done at home?

Here I am playing Wii. I totally beat all the old people and made them cry.

Here I am getting bothered by a cat while trying to use a computer:

And here I am at Walmart getting nasty gummy bears. They were some weird Japanese brand. I didn't notice until I opened the package, but they are covered in some weird stuff that looks like dirt. I think it's supposed to be spicy. Good thing I got some gummy coke bottles as a backup, just in case.

1 comment:

Jim and Jenn King said...

Now I can never go on a cruise! They cats! Who knew....why was there a cat? Oh....nice face Justin. You're supposed to be're in Hawaii! Smile nice for the camera.