Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yellow Cupcakes with Sweet Chocolate Glaze

These cupcakes were a cinch to throw together and the icing is sweet sweet sweet! I made a double batch of this recipe from PW and came out with 32 cupcakes (2 smaller events to bake for today - a church meeting and our small group meeting). I doubled the recipe for the frosting/glaze, and I ended up having quite a bit extra - I probably could have stuck with the ingredient amounts for a single batch. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is one of my favorite combinations (and by favorite, I mean it is a type of cake with frosting on it). This frosting was a little "runnier" than I expected, but still very easy to pull together with minimal ingredients. I'm considering trying it with white chocolate as well - that would have been cute to drizzle over the dark chocolate icing.

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Jenn King said...

So yummy with a cup of coffee this morning!