Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coddled Eggs

A friend and I were talking about breakfast foods this past week (yeah, I know - awesome), and coddled eggs flew into my brain and have since taken up residence there, not allowing me to forget about them again. So yesterday I went down to the basement closet and rummaged around and found each of my coddlers. My Grandma collected porcelain egg coddlers, and when I stayed overnight at their house as a child, in the morning I got to choose one of their coddlers in which to have my egg made for breakfast. It is hard to describe a coddled egg. I guess the consistency is in between a poached egg and a sunny side up egg, but steamed inside a small porcelain cup. The smaller coddlers only just fit a single egg inside. The slightly larger coddlers can fit two eggs, or else an egg and different additions, such as cheese, meat, or cooked vegetables. My Grandma also had a couple of very large coddlers, that you could fit a whole meal inside. My favorite is simply a single egg with a little bit of cheese, salt and pepper cooked inside a larger coddler, as then I can stir it around easily and not have it splooge out. I made one today to go with a piece of toast for lunch (daylight savings time really threw off my meals today...). It was as delicious as I remembered, and I will certainly not be packing away the coddlers anytime soon!


Jenn King said...

So that's what those little cups are for. My mom always hid money in them when I was growing up.

Emily said... blogged about our egg conversation...come to Houston now please!

Angie said...

Hmm, I've never had nor heard of coddled eggs...intriguing!
I'd like to try one, now.